Damaged Kumamoto Castle shown to media

posted on May 16, 2016

Media crews have been allowed into the central part of Kumamoto Prefecture's castle for the first time since it was damaged in a series of earthquakes that began in mid-April.

Kumamoto City officials had prohibited access to the castle's central part since its stone walls were at risk of collapsing.

All of its 13 structures, designated by the government as important cultural properties, have suffered significant damage.

Media crews on Wednesday saw damage to the white walls of some Yagura, or guard towers. One tower was collapsed.

A building on one of the gates was completely destroyed.

Tiles fallen from the roof of Tenshukaku, or the main castle tower, were scattered on the ground. Dolphin statues on top of it had fallen onto the lower roof.

The head of the castle's management office says repairs will take up to 20 years.

source by nhk
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