Aomori hosts Tohoku festival

posted on June 27, 2016

An event unifying the summer festivals of 6 prefectures in northeastern Japan has begun in Aomori City.

It was first held 5 years ago to remember the victims of the disaster that hit the prefectures in March 2011, and to help rebuild affected areas. Each prefecture has been taking turns to act as host.

This year's 2-day event began on Saturday.

In the opening ceremony, Aomori Mayor Hiroshi Shikanai said the festival has gone around all 6 prefectures after starting in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

The festival includes parades by the crew of the Aomori Nebuta Festival, known for its giant paper floats, and dancers of the Hanagasa Festival from Yamagata Prefecture.

source by nhk
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