2 Japanese items added to UNESCO memory register

posted on October 10, 2015

UNESCO announced Saturday that it has added two items recommended by Japan, including Return to Maizuru Port, or documents related to Japanese troops and civilians who were interned in labor camps in Siberia after the end of World War II, to its Memory of the World Register.

The other item is "Toji Hyakugo Monjo," a vast collection of historical documents in the eighth to 18th centuries, which were amassed and preserved by Toji, a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, western Japan. Return to Maizuru Port was recommended for registration by the city of Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture, and Toji Hyakugo Monjo, a national treasure, was proposed by the Japanese government. The number of Japanese items on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register now stands at five. Among the other three are materials brought back to Japan by the country's mission sent to Europe in the 17th century during the Keicho era.

source by newsonjapan
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