Katsushika Iris Festival (Shobu Matsuri) in Mizumoto Park and Horikiri Shobuen Iris Garden


posted on July 4, 2016

Over 20,000 Iris flowers bloom in June!

Katsushika Iris Festival will be held at Mizumoto Park and Horikiri Shobuen Iris Garden in June. Mizumoto Park has over 14,000 Iris flowers and Horikiri Shobuen Iris Garden has over 6,000. These two venues are few stations away from each other. There will be venders selling festival food, and you can enjoy green tea in the park.

*Event dates and programs may be subject to change.

Mizumoto Park

Address: 3-1 Mizumoto Park, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Time: 24 hours, Open everyday
Admission: Free
Access: Get off at JR Jyoban Line or Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Kanemachi Station
Take Keisei Bus to "Mizumoto Park"
*Shuttle bus is available on Sat, Sun, and holidays from 9am to4:40pm.

Horikiri Shobuen Iris Garden

Address: 2-19-1 Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Time: 8am-6pm
Admission: Free
Access: 10 mins walk from Keisei Line, Horikiri Shobuen Station

Date Time Entry Address
Early Jun, 2017 Free 3-1 Mizumoto, Katsushika, Tokyo
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