Firefly Night at Yuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato


posted on July 6, 2016

Romantic evening with fireflies on a beatiful mountain

Yuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato Park is a great spot to relax and enjoy nature. And from the middle of June, you can see about 2,500 wild fireflies in the park. Enjoy romantic evening with friends and your loved one.

*Event dates and programs may be subject to change.

Get off at Keio Line & JR Line Takao Station and go to North Exit. Take Nishi Tokyo Bus for Jimba Kogen-shita to Yuyake Koyake (approximately 30 mins).

Date Time Entry Address
Mid Jun, 2017 Free 2030 Kami-Ongata machi, Hachioji, Tokyo
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